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Membership TypePrice 
Collegiate Memberships
Collegiate Membership $40.00  
Temporary Memberships
Temporary Membership $15.00  
 A Temporary Membership is for use at a single local or state sanctioned event. A Temporary Membership must be purchased for each event an archer participates in. 
 Please indicate which Event this Temporary Membership membership is for:

Temporary Membership (NFAA Only) $0.00  
 NFAA members will be required to obtain a Temporary Membership (NFAA Only) for each sanctioned local, state, regional, or national event they are participating in. If this membership is for a National Event, please print and complete the USA Archery Membership Form and return to USA Archery at: memberships@usarchery.org or USA Archery 4065 Sinton Road, Suite 110 Colorado Springs, CO 80907. 
Recreational Memberships
Recreational Membership $15.00  
 This membership may not be used for participation in sanctioned events or for participation in the JOAD and Adult Achievement Programs. 
Adult Memberships
Adult Membership $60.00  

3 Year Adult Membership $150.00  

Adult - PARTNER ASSOCIATION (NFAA/ASA Members Only with USA Archery Certification) $40.00  

*REQUIRED* In order to apply for an Adult - Partner Association you MUST have a current NFAA or ASA Membership and a current USA Archery Instructor/Coach certification. Applications from individuals that are not currently certified will be Cancelled. Please upload a copy of your NFAA or ASA Membership Card in order to process this membership.

Youth Memberships
Youth Membership (Age 17 and Under) $40.00  

Youth Membership (NFAA Members Only) $15.00  

This membership is for youth, Aged 17 and Under who are current members of the National Field Archery Association (NFAA) only. This USA Archery membership will be valid ONLY for the dates of the NFAA membership, so please ensure you are using your most recent NFAA membership.

*REQUIRED* You will need to upload a copy of your current NFAA Membership Card or a screenshot of the current membership account in order to process this membership. Please make sure that your name, NFAA membership number, and NFAA membership expiration date are visible in the document or image that you submit.


Family Memberships
Family Membership $120.00  

Every member in the Family Membership will have their own unique USA Archery membership number.


3 Year Family Membership $300.00  
Lifetime Memberships
Lifetime (Ages 18 to 55) $1,800.00  

Lifetime (Ages 56 and Over) $900.00