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Temporary Memberships
Temporary Membership $15.00  
 A Temporary Membership is for use at a single local or state sanctioned event. A Temporary Membership must be purchased for each event an archer participates in.
 Please indicate which Event this Temporary Membership membership is for:
Temporary Membership (NFAA Only) $0.00  
 NFAA members will be required to obtain a Temporary Membership (NFAA Only) for each sanctioned local, state, regional, or national event they are participating in. If this membership is for a National Event, please fill out the USA Archery Membership Form
Recreational Membership $15.00  
 This membership may not be used for participation in sanctioned events or for participation in the JOAD and Adult Achievement Programs.
Adult Memberships
Adult Membership $50.00  
3 Year Adult Membership $130.00  
Youth Memberships
Youth Membership (Age 17 and Under) $35.00  
Youth Membership (NFAA Members Only) $10.00  
 Age 17 and Under
Family Memberships
Family Membership $80.00  
3 Year Family Membership $200.00  
Lifetime Memberships
Lifetime (Ages 18 to 55) $1,500.00  
Lifetime (Ages 56 and Over) $750.00